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Gurbani Radio with more than 400 Hrs of Nitnem,kirtan,katha,Sahej Path,Dhadi Vara,Kavishri and more

Price: CDN $ 39.99
Gurbani Radio with more than 400 Hrs of Nitnem, kirtan, katha, Sahej Path, Dhadi Vara, Kavishri and more.Rechargeable FM Radio with 589 Tracks of Divine gurbani. Listen anywhere you go.Long lasting Battery.Great Gift for Grandparents, Parents and Friends.

Pre-Loaded 16 GB card – Allows you to listen more than 400 hours of gurban Huge Gurbani Selection- 589 Tracks of Gurbani available to you includes Kirtan,Katha,Sahej Path, Nitnem, Simran, Dhadi Vara, Kavishri. Some of the tracks are very Rare and we worked hard to bring it to you. Listern to Kavishri of Babu Rajab Ali . Also listen to the book of Allah Yaar khan Jogi.All Kinds of Kirtan: We added all styles of Kirtan for you. Enjoy Traditional, Classical and Sangati styles of kirtan from the best Ragi’s Katha : Listen to Gurbani katha from Giani Sant singh Maskin, Bhai Pinderpal Singh, Bhai Banta Singh (DDT) and more. Listern to Japji Sahib and Asa Di Vaar Katha.Santhya and Sahej Path : Listen and learn Sahej Path of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We have also added lots of Extra tracks like Life history of Bhagat’s and Gursikhs.


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